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Update 2017:

CDs not working because Quicktime has been uninstalled.

We have created New Editions of all of our resources! The New Editions do not require Quicktime, and can be used with

iBooks or Azardi readers on Mac OS or Azardi reader on Windows. Using these readers the ePubs can also be used on iPads

and Tablets.

Epub won't open into Azardi with double-clicking:

We don't know why, but once in a while an ePub doesn't open with double-clicking. To solve this, please follow these steps to

add the ePub manually to the Azardi library:

1. Double-click on the AZ icon to open up the Azardi Reader. Click on the "Add" icon in the top right.


Posters damaged in shipping or from laminating:

Don't worry! We want these resources in the classrooms! For the cost of shipping we will replace any damaged poster.

If you have any other problems or concerns, please email us and we will do our best to attend to the problem.


2. Click on the "Browse" button.


3. Navigate to where you saved the resource you want to open. Click on it and then press "Open."


4. Once the data fields have populated, scroll to the bottom of the 'Add" page and click "Ok." Once the resource is

visible in the list you can double-click on it to open.